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Anna's Hummingbird

March is Bird-A-Thon month, and teams have a fun day just counting birds to support our Chapter. In 2015, we collected over $10,000 - all of which was used for educational and conservation programs, such as the popular Junior Audubon. The funds also provide Audubon Adventures, a FREE resource kit for teachers to use in their 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes. Lincoln School's half-day Bird Festival for all students benefits from money earned. Sponsors (you) are the backbone of a successful Bird-A-Thon. Teams will contact you and ask for your support. Please be generous by sponsoring a team with a pledge of 10 cents to whatever amount per bird species, or even a set amount. The Team will contact you after their day of birding to accept your donation with thanks.

How to be part of Bird-A-Thon

For Birding Teams:

Email BAT Coordinator, Carolyn Greene or call 805-443-7289, and she will send you a sign-up sheet. Start signing up your sponsors. After your "big day", tell your sponsors how many species you saw and how much they owe.

Send your checks to:

Carolyn Greene
6546 Meadowridge Dr.
Santa Rosa, CA 95409

or bring your check to the next General Meeting.

For Sponsors:

Say "Yes" to anyone who asks you to pledge. If no one asks, you can sign up to support a Team at the General Meeting.

Previous Bird-A-Thon Teams:

"Feather Questers"
"The Roadrunners"
"Wandering Tattlers"
"Burrowing Owlers"

"The Zonotripias"
"A Team of One"
"The Grey-headed Seersuckers"

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Carved Bird Pins

In the 1970s, member Tom Olds hand-carved bird pins and sold them to raise money for Madrone Audubon. More